Andrew C Joe

Hi, I’m Andrew, and I want to be your next product manager. See how I can help your team.

I launched a product in 10 weeks as part of the PMDojo Product Accelerator.

Some key accomplishments:

  • I delivered a pitch presentation and demo to a live audience of 50 stakeholders demonstrating product value and competitive positioning.
  • I conducted user interviews and user tests to identify common pain points and narratives for the user journey.
  • I designed a Google Forms survey that validated key assumptions in our problem statement and yielded 50 responses.

Every week, I share my findings in product management, AI, and personal development in my Substack newsletter.

I’m also an altMBA and Quantic alumni.

Check out my Proof of Work for other interesting things I’ve done.

What am I working on now?

Check out my Now page.

My LinkedIn

My LinkedIn.